Spiritual Writings

Many people have written to me and asked about writings purported to be “channeled” from Spirit. Over the many years of earth occupation by humanity, many souls have been in touch with the spiritual part of themselves. They have communicated with God,  or the Ultimate Being. Many of these souls have felt they were  channeling Spirit or God but have written from ego.

The measure of the channeling is the content and the message. Does it speak to your heart? Do you identify with it in your soul? If this is the case, then it is truly channeled. How many  people have said the writings or the teachings have helped them? Do not let fear come into your being. Trust from the heart and soul and you will have your answer.

All souls communicate with God, or the Ultimate Being. Only a  few can channel and produce the energy to transform, change and enable people to help themselves. These souls have the destiny  to do this. Their energy can move mountains. They are truly of  the Divine. If the message is about the messenger, then look  elsewhere, for it is the message, not the messenger that is important.