Spiritual Guidance

By opening to spiritual guidance, we gain greater access to our higher self where we come into telepathic communication with high-vibrational aspects of ourselves. Our higher self orchestrates our vast repertoire  of "selves" incarnated in various timeframe dimensions, past, present and future. Through our higher self we awaken to more of the full picture of our multidimensional existence. This allows us to "see through" limiting beliefs and systems of "consciousness control and management" by middlemen such as religions, government and institutions, and even the controls of family strictures and other associations.

Expanding energies are helping an ever greater number of people awaken to a direct experience with the universe and all-that-is. Many more are now picking up on the universal “broadcasting system”. Knowledge of all that has ever been or will be is broadcast over this system at all times. Every living thing acts as a receiving station for this broadcast, according to its need and purpose.

In each life, there are "codes and keys" that are unlocked once one finds the correct lens with which to view their life. Having said this, we ask you to turn your attention once more to this all- encompassing, continuous broadcast going out over the universal radio station at all times. Each person receives this broadcast through the unique filter of their purpose for this lifetime. This is why one person translates the universal signals they receive into the Theory of Relativity while another translates the signals into the prototype for the first automobile. These two individuals received the same broadcast but translated the signals differently according to the blueprint for their life purpose.

Your Energy Field Contains the Blueprint for Your Life

The purpose for each person's life is coded into the energetic field that surrounds their physical body. This "energetic blueprint" serves as the translating mechanism for the universal broadcast. This explains why two individuals decode the signal in the same exact way with only a slight variation: it is because these individuals share the same purpose.

By understanding how it is that your subtle energetic field translates the universal broadcast, you can open to the vision for your life purpose that you have been seeking. There are times when you are able to "pick up" the universal broadcast signal more clearly in much the same way that a radio is better able to receive a clear signal when atmospheric conditions are conducive. Every aspect of your life determines the strength and clarity of the universal broadcast signal you receive. When your life force energy is pulsing at a high level, you are able to draw in a clearer and stronger universal broadcast signal. An alkaline body is a far more capable receiving station than an acid body. A still mind is a better receiving station than a scattered mind, just as an open mind is a better receiving station than a closed mind.

Likewise, an open heart is a better receiving station than a closed heart. A person whose energy field carries a high vibration attuned to the frequency of love, abundance and compassion is a better receiving station than a vibration attuned to anger, scarcity consciousness and a lack of care and concern for others.

Disharmony in the Energetic Field

When life force receptivity is low, the universal broadcast signals are often distorted as they enter the energy field. Imagine trying to decipher a faint signal coming into a radio with a weak battery. You would only make out a word here and there. This is how some people experience spiritual guidance when there is weakness and disharmony in their energetic field.

In cases where the energetic field suffers from weakness and disharmony, it may be necessary to seek out a practitioner who can read the energy field and facilitate harmony in the field. As the universal broadcast signal passes through the energetic field surrounding your physical body, it is decoded according to the blueprint for your current lifetime. If your purpose is to facilitate healing for others, over time the decoding of your purpose will take you on a journey to acquire the experiences, understandings and skills you need to fulfill your purpose. Whenever you veer from the journey
of fulfilling this purpose, your life will lose meaning and purpose. Your energetic field will sag and lose strength, and physical illness could result.

Tuning into `Movies of the Mind'

So how do you gain awareness of the "life purpose signals" that your energetic field is constantly decoding? It is important that you take time on a regular basis to tune out the noise of the world and sit in silent contemplation. During these contemplative times, open to the pictures that come into your mind. Your higher self will communicate these life purpose signals to you in mental pictures. Allow these movies to play in your mind. Write them down and allow their meaning to come to you slowly over time.

The study of dream symbols will help you unravel the images your higher self brings to you. Becoming adept in this universal language of symbols allows you to understand the meanings of the images that come into your mind. By remembering your dreams each day and interpreting the symbols they contain, you can develop your skills in the universal language of symbols in much the same way that daily practice in a language helps you become proficient at it.

One you receive an image and have a grasp of its meaning, you can dialog with your guides to learn the steps you can take to fulfill your purpose at this time. Draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper. Write the questions you have in the left column. Using the technique of automatic writing, allow your guides to bring you the answers on the right side of the paper. Once you have answers in hand, take action to follow the steps you are given. Remember that following the guidance you ask for and receive is gratitude in action.

If you receive an image of your self painting on a canvas, you can ask your guides if this has to do with your life purpose. If you receive an affirmative answer, you might then ask what kind of painting you are doing. If your guides tell you this is a form of painting that is therapeutic, you might then ask why you are undertaking this  therapeutic painting. If the answer is "to gain awareness of an emotional block you have and clear it," you know there is something that needs to be cleared before you can proceed on your spiritual path. Your response might be to sign up for an art therapy class that is synchronistically being offered at this time. It may be that in the course of taking this class, you discover and clear an emotional block you have. You may also discover you have a great passion for art therapy in general and that you want to begin studies to become an art
therapist your self so you can facilitate clearing and growth for others. This is an example of how the pictures that come into your mind during times of silence and contemplation can lead you to discover the purpose and meaning of your life.

By opening to the magic and blessings of spiritual guidance, you can open to consciously receive the images the energetic blueprint within your subtle energy field is decoding from the universal broadcast. Once you learn to work with these images, you can begin to unravel the meanings and take steps to follow the guidance you receive to bring the joy of meaning and purpose into your life.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta