Sıradışı manyetik alan hareketleri

BATSRUS modeling of Earth's magnetic field on 8/8/2013 depicts startling irregularities of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field in the direction of the Sun.  Will the Zetas please elaborate?


What sets the modeling on August 8, 2013 apart for previous modeling images is the deforming of the Sun's magnetic field lines to the right of the Earth. The Earth’s magnetic field is depicted by red closed loop lines or the blue wings that float to the left, away from the Sun. The Earth’s magnetic field is regularly deformed by the Solar Wind coming from the Sun, from the right. But what would deform the Sun’s magnetic field? We have described the time of the Pole Shift as one during which Planet X could so supplant the Sun’s magnetic influence on the Earth that Planet X, aka Nibiru, is the only voice the Earth hears. 

At present it is trying to listen to both, primarily to the Sun, but during the daily wobble, also giving credence to Planet X. We have described the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth as dynamic, Planet X swinging its N Pole to point toward the Earth more directly at times, then swinging back, and the Earth bobbling to the left as far as possible to escape this influence from Planet X. August 8, 2013 was a temporary time when the magnetic blast from Planet X was so direct that man’s satellites registered a confused magnetic field in the Sun near the Earth’s blowshock. Does this mean that the Earth wobble may at times become extreme, when the Sun is negated in this manner? More than satellite modeling will be affected, yes.