Sıradışı bulut görüntüleri hakkında

Soru: This article appeared today at talking about a rare occurrance of nacreous or mother-of-pearl clouds in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  It goes on to explain how rare is it for them to occur in the southern hemisphere let alone so far from the South Pole.  I couldn't help but notice that is occurred on the same day that a rare snow was recorded in southern Brazil as shared on the Wild Weather, the Wobble Effect part of this Ning.  Is this related to the wobble's effects on the upper atmosphere?  Is this perhaps part of the signs in the skies we were told to look out for as we get closer to the Shift?  Is man correct in his understanding of what causes these clouds?  These clouds, also known as "mother of pearl clouds," form in the stratosphere far above the usual realm of weather. Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley explains the special conditions required to create such a cloud: "Take an unusually cold lower stratosphere (15-25km high), use some gravity waves generated by high winds and storms in the troposphere to stir in some water vapour, and -- voilà! You get these clouds made of tiny ice crystals shining after sunset with unforgettably bright iridescent colors." [and from another]  They form at temperatures of around minus 85ºC, colder than average lower stratophere temperatures, and are comprised of ice particles ~10µm across. The clouds must be composed of similar sized crystals to produce the characteristic bright iridescent colours by diffraction and interference. [and from another]  The waves occur between any stable layers of fluids of different density. When the fluid boundary is disturbed, buoyancy forces try to restore the equilibrium. The fluid returns to its original shape, overshoots and oscillations then set in which propagate as waves. Gravity or buoyancy is the restoring force hence the term - gravity waves.

Undulating pearl colored clouds, high in the stratosphere, are no mystery as to their cause, but they are lately presenting a puzzle as they are occurring more frequently and with a broader range. They are formed of ice crystals, unlike noctilucent clouds which have a greasy chemical glow. Of course the upper atmosphere is in more turmoil as the Earth wobble worsens. The lower atmosphere clings to the Earth, moves with the Earth in the main during the wobble, and the upper atmosphere clings to that below, also. Undulating nacreous mother-of-pearl clouds proliferating is just one more sign of the wobble, which will only be properly explained after the presence of Planet X is admitted.