Kulak çınlaması ne anlama gelir - Ra an

This is from Joe in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “They never go away and they are not the ringing in one’s ears that most people will hear every now and then. The common ringing in your ear type doesn’t last for more than a few seconds to a few minutes. The others are constantly there.”

“So, could you explain what these tones are?”

Ra’An:  Thank you.

Ringing in the ears can stem from a number of causes. One of them would be the ringing of the earth, as the earth is moving to change it’s orientation in a localized area. These are generally heard within the ears at a duration of a few seconds and the tones are connected with the location on the earth plane, wherein the earth is shifting its harmonics; dolphins can pick up these sounds very easily.

Another cause of ringing in the ears is a misalignment within the ears, in the workings of the ear, which can be connected with a misalignment within the kidney area and it is needed to clear the kidneys to help the body; to help the ear clear the area that is misaligned which is creating ringing. This is generally called tinnitus.

Give us a moment; there are other causes of ringing and vibrations in the ears which can be hearing the hum of the earth, which is not a misalignment but is an electrical phenomenon that sometimes an individual can pick up and hear. It is of an electrical nature and it is the hum that continues and goes on and on. We would suggest that you observe and see if this is the type of a hum that you are hearing that goes on and on and is the natural humming of the earth. It is a frequency which some people can hear and the majority of people cannot, even though it is going on in everyone’s vicinity.

That is our answer.