Earth surface changes

MASTERS:    “It must seem to all of you that the planet is undergoing a tremendous spurt of tragedies, and so it is.  The quakes in Haiti are evidence of plates in the Caribbean doing a dance of their own, causing untold hardship and agony for so many.  Unfortunately, this will last for a few more weeks, before this system settles down.  That means, also, that other parts of this island and surrounding islands will also experience quakes, some very large, but most rather mild.

The plate movement in the Pacific continues as the Earth is at its most pliable orientation in those locations.  Quakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions will be in the news in the coming month or so, along with rises in sea levels that are forcing population movement to other islands or higher ground.   The storm systems that have been moving across the U.S. from West to East are but a sample of the change in air currents that will become normal in the years to come. Against all of the predictions of the desert areas of the U.S. becoming arid wastelands, they will actually start to become alive with more frequent rainy periods and higher humidity.  On the Eastern Coastal areas, drier conditions will come into place as the great storms from the Atlantic settle down into more frequent but calmer winds and rains.  Yes, this sounds like a fairy tale to soothe your current problems, but will come about very gradually over the years leading up to the 1012 cyclic change.

Earthquakes that are shaking the western coasts of the North American Continent will continue for a long time, as the great plates continue to slide under this continent.  There will be an upliftment of this entire part of the continent as a result, tilting the Eastern part to dip lower into the Atlantic. Not to worry now, though, that will happen very gradually over the next 100 years.  Earth is a planet that is still forming and very affected by the frequencies and forces that surround it in your solar system.  If a human being could live for 200 or 300 years, he/she would see very clearly the changes occurring during that time.

Europe and Asia are both under siege from all of these shifts in the Earth’s crust and are losing their very necessary glaciers as water sources as they are melting much faster than predicted.  Flooding in some places and drier conditions in others are upsetting the way of life in many countries.   The possibility of Holland losing their hard-fought-for land is becoming a real worry there, and even the English isles are beginning to realize the rising sea will cause some adjustments having to be made in the big cities and little towns.  We have been speaking about all of this for many years through these pages that Ruth has provided for us, and there should be no real surprises on a large scale.

This coming month of February will be one to remember, as weather fronts continue to hit all parts of the planet without prior histories of such happenings.  Our readers include many from all over the world and we know they are anxious to understand what they are in for also. What we can say here is that there is reason to take stock of your of food and fuel supplies for the next few months, as weather conditions will vary to the extreme.  In some places water will become a problem as shifting of the crust will cause water flows to be disturbed or changed drastically.  In the northern parts of the globe, temperatures will also vary drastically, dipping far below what has been considered normal.  Keep warm clothes on hand, even during the warm cycles. Southern parts of the globe will find themselves in abnormally hot temperatures, as the atmosphere draws down frequencies that bring air currents into confusion.  Water will be a problem for inland areas.
We are not trying to scare you, but you need to be prepared.

Humanity is also going through a tremendous change in their own mental and physical beings as the high frequencies that are causing the world to draw near the cyclic alignment affect every cell in your bodies. Emotions run hot and heavy as communities struggle to keep afloat financially;  crime seems to be everywhere as people topple off their fence tops to do things they never would have done in years past.  On the brighter side, there is primarily, and most importantly, a wonderful shift in consciousness that is bringing people to understand what life is all about, within themselves and the universe.  The old tent revivals with the shouting and stomping is revealed as an attempt to reach a spiritual focus, but taking away from the individual their own inner feelings and knowledge.  Religions have always been needed to find some kind of focus on the good in people, but some have drifted into commercial and overly-financially- based businesses.  Keep what is comfortable to you from those teachings – they are part of you from your childhood in many instances.   But, today, the way has been cleared to find and understand the immensity that is the universal life and energy in all things.   No longer is “God” pictured as an old, bearded man on a throne.  Instead the energy (and we use that word because there are too many complexities that are involved within it to use here)  is understood to be what everything is made of – planets, stars, human beings, animals, sea life all plants, the air, the rain, furniture, electronics, the ground you walk upon.  This is all contained in the mind of the Creator and given with love to all creation.   How to explain what “Creator” means?   Humanity will have to progress  in the next five hundred years before you could possibly understand that word.  Human beings are extremely complicated sentient beings that have within them genes and cells that cannot be artificially fabricated , no matter how hard your scientists try. Simply because these cells and genes are being re-formed minute by minute as the frequencies of this world are changing minute by minute.  There is no such thing as “status quo”.  All is in constant movement and transition that is speeding up now.   Gardeners, look carefully at the new plants as they come up this year; you will see differences and variations that were not there before, as they go through mutations that are necessary to compliment the new frequencies around them.   New species of animals and sea life are already being discovered, and will continue to be so.    New species of humans? No, but the rising intelligence levels will bring the world to a much better sense of inner knowledge, wisdom, and confidence in the coming years.   Your younger children are already showing these new levels, and sometimes are being “treated” for their anomalies.

You are living in a new world in the making, make no bones about it. Many people are living much longer lives now as they intuit that there is too much of interest to let go!  Many others are leaving their bodies because of the intense conditions and, of course, because of the earth movements that are raging all over the world.  It is very difficult to realize the agony of millions of people who have been caught in natural disasters, leaving them without food, water, or shelter from either the raging Sun or intense cold.  Why must they suffer so?   You have been taught that each Soul has a reason for incarnating into matter in order to experience life in all its states.  Is it really possible that so many people have intended to go through such horrible lifetimes to achieve the knowledge of bodily pain and misery?   You may not want to accept this, but yes, it is. There is such a thing as mass movement of souls to achieve goals that you can have no understanding of.   The other side of such happenings is to make those who survive reach their own goals of reaching into themselves to find their inner strengths and the knowledge of being able to communicate with the Higher Intelligence that exists all around them in order to make their world a better place.   This is what it all comes down to.

For now, it is time to take notice of your surroundings and the way you live.  A clear mind demands a dwelling kept clean and neat. Acquiring “things” has become a national pastime, making a lot of millionaires very happy (at your expense).   We know you are trying to make sense of all the confusion that exists right now and you need to think clearly.   We would suggest that you make time to go through your belongings and weed out what has been accumulated (in case you might need it some day) and make some realistic decisions about keeping them.  Television programs have been featuring people whose homes are piled with “things” to a point of being health hazards, etc.  Remember, the more you have and acquire, the more you are  responsible for.  Un-needed belongings act as an anchor, dragging you down.  Check out that closet you can’t stand to look into, or the boxes in the attic that are moldering away.   Dear hearts, we encourage you to dispose of or share what you no longer need in order to give your spirits a lift you have not felt in a long time.  The new world that is forming needs space, space in your minds and emotions to form new ways and feelings.   Ignore the ads for the gadgets and fancies that will only end up being stuffed in a drawer when the newness wears off.  Give your mind room to bring into being new concepts of living that will benefit you and your families now and in the years to come.   You are the creators on this planet – go to it!”