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Ülkemiz gerilim hattı -akdeniz,karadeniz- üzerinde olduğu ve etrafından baya bir metan salınımı olduğu için ki, salınan bu metan denizdeki bakterileri tetikler büyüyen bakterilere denizanaları çoğalarak cevap verir.

The Jellyfish are Coming! Experts Tangle with Exploding Population
October 7, 2013
A swarm of moon jellyfish from the Baltic Sea were sucked into the cooling pipes of a nuclear power plant on the Swedish coast last week, shutting down one of the three units for four days. In 2008, another such "bloom," glowing purple, wiped out an entire farm of salmon in Northern Ireland by stinging and suffocating the 100,000-strong school to death. Every summer, since the early 2000s, fishermen in Japan brace for swarms of Nomura jellyfish, tentacled monsters the size of a Smart Car. In Israel, where jellyfish routinely clog plumbing in power plants, some companies have set up designated summer jelly-watch squads. If you visit China, Korea or Japan — or even restaurants in America featuring those cuisines — you shouldn't be surprised to find them on the menu. People in the Far East have been eating jellies for millennia, served in various degrees of crispiness, after being harvested, dried and salted.
More Jellyfish Around the World
Apr 19, 2012
Jellyfish are increasing in the majority of the world’s coastal ecosystems, according to a new study.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/12/2013: Why are jellyfish on the increase along certain coastlines, worldwide? Jellyfish populations have been recorded in stretch zones such as the East Coast of the US and across Europe from Norway through the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, and from Buenos Aires up along the east coast of S America. Stretch zones release methane gas, which incites an increase in various bacteria, essentially increasing the food supply up the food chain. This is likewise true of those areas experiencing stress in the rock due to fracturing rock under compression, such as along the San Andreas, along New Zealand, from the Philippines north to Alaska, and around India.