Seth: Consciousness

"Consciousness is always conscious of itself, and of its validity and integrity, and in those terms there is no unconsciousness. "

"When I use the term time-wise, I refer it to the formation of a structure from which one kind of consciousness then views itself, sees itself as unique, and then tries to form other kinds of conscious structures. A fly is conscious of itself, fulfilled within that reality, and feels no need to form an "extension" of that awareness from which to view its own existence."

"In your terms, time considerations involved extensions of that kind of consciousness, in which separations could occur and divisions could be made. In terms of an organic structure, this could be likened to developing another arm or leg, or protrusion or filament - another method of locomotion through another kind of dimension."

"The fly is intensely conscious, at every moment engrossed in itself and its environment, precisely tuned to elements of which you are "unconscious. " There are simply different kinds of consciousness, and you cannot basically compare one to the other any more than you can compare, say a toad to a star to an apple to a thought to a woman to a child to a native to a suburbanite to a spider to a cat. They are varieties of consciousness, each focused upon its own view of reality, each containing experience that others exclude."

The Unknown Reality, Volume 2, Session 718