I have been asked many times, "Master what can I do to become more spiritual?” and I say to the soul, “Be aware. Be aware of what you are saying to others, of how you say it. Be aware of the words coming out of
your mouth. Be aware of how your Self manipulates you not to do the very thing you know will raise your vibration.”

It is not easy being on the spiritual path, for as you move forward in energy, the earth plane energy will try to draw you back into the fold that you have just left. Nobody is perfect, and moving up in vibration is not an
easy task. It can be made easier though with your becoming aware of everything you do and of how you try and sabotage yourself as you grow. It can often be a case of two steps forward, one step back. As you move though,
and keep on moving, you can gradually move away from the earth plane and find a peace that many have never experienced. It is worth striving for!

" One cannot experience the pain from past-life energy until one has raised one's vibration. However, once this is done the energy coming forward can be swift and often very painful."

---Maitreya- --